Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Square one...

For a number of reasons including my current flu like symptoms I feel like I am headed back to square one of training. The Summer of Mark has apparently crashed and burned into Fall of Inactivity. On top of my various health issues buying a home for the first time really is the most stressful thing ever. Fortunately the house front is wrapping up this weekend as we undertake our massive move one last time. On a side note if anyone wants to help on Saturday feel free to stop by Grove Street anytime on Saturday. Given that I have roughly had the equivalent of a month off I think I will be heading back to square one with my training. My baseline goal is going to be to run five miles a day and get on the bike for at least thirty minutes before work ever day. Obviously my fitness is just below the surface and a few weeks of solid base training should bring me back in no time. I will admit that I am incredibly frustrated right now and am insanely jealous of my training partners that are having tremendous starts to their fall seasons. Greg threw down a nice little pr last weekend at the 50k, and Fyffe is in another world right now. I don't think anyone will be surprised if this guy drops a 2:17 in a few weeks! Anyways I really hope to get back to regular posting as soon as the move is finished up.

Here's to getting healthy!


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