Monday, September 26, 2011

Week I...

Monday: PM Five mile run from my new house in Marlborough. Down to the rail bed and back. Seventeen minutes out and eighteen minutes back! Big hill! I love living on the edge of aggressive terrain. I spied a trail off the rail bed up the mountain that I suspect may connect to the trail network off of my back woods. Once The Demon is up and running I may do a little serious recon work. Snowshoe party at my house this winter! (35 min.)

Tuesday: Up early and had some Italian roast to get the party started. Headed into the basement at 5:45 for a easy half hour on The Soloist on the trainer. Felt pretty good and mostly stayed easy. Listened to STP Purple which was the first cd I ever bought back in 1994! Great album loaded with super song. After work, walking Eko, and some blogging I headed out for the same five miler as yesterday. Ran faster but felt WAY worse! (1 hr.)

Wednesday: Up early again for another thirty minute spin on The Soloist. Felt ok but my legs were a little slow. Soundgarden Superunknown on the iPod. Afternoon forty minute hilly run with Mary around some new trails. Epic views of Monadnock and found some hills that would be perfect for working out on. (70 min.)

Thursday: Up early again for another thirty minute spin on The Soloist. Listened to STP Tiny music for the first time in forever. Brought me right back to the summer of 1996. In the afternoon I did a new out and back from the house up stone pond road. According to sources at work Stone Pond is a great open water swim spot and as residents we have access! Up hill nearly the whole way out. Ran out twenty minutes and turned around because I did not want to run to much to soon. According to the pervious owner the pond is 4.5 miles from the house. (70 min.)

Friday: Up early for a ride on The Soloist. Listened to Temple of the Dog, The Yea Yea Yeas, and My Morning Jacket. I have been riding pretty easy all week so the last five minutes I worked pretty hard on the drops and got the heart rate up pretty high. We had Andy and Tat over for dinner so no afternoon run. (30 min.)

Saturday: Crazy and hectic day. Only managed an hour ride on The Soloist. Rode with the heart rate monitor for the first time to keep my effort level low. First thirty-minutes were moderate between 127 bpm and 155 bpm. I did a five minute interval to max HR (190) assuming that my starting point is based on 220 minus age. Felt solid but lactate built in the last few seconds. Spun the rest of the way around 150 bpm. (1 hr.)

Sunday: I did my first hour long run this morning up to Stone Pond and back. Steady climbing the first half of the run steady decent on the way back. I live in runners paradise! All but eight minutes of my run was on trail or dirt road. Spied a few trails off the road that I am looking forward to trying out. (1 hr.)

Total: 6 hours and 25 minutes for the week.

I feel optimistic about this first week of training. I really like the messages that my legs were giving to me on the bike Friday and Saturday. Additionally my run on Sunday was great. I am going to raise my mileage into the mid forties this week and ride my bike six days again so my goal for hours will be slightly higher. I will also start recording my additional core and strength work.


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