Friday, January 6, 2012

Official diagnosis...

My GI doctor called me Friday afternoon with my official diagnosis in the wake of this weeks testing. I have a rare but benign condition known as microscopic lymphocytic colitis that affects one and one hundred thousand individuals. Following the blood work that showed an elevated celiac antibody count Dr. Lowe was certain that he was going to find celiac spores in the biopsies of my small intestine. According to Dr. Lowe my small intestine looked fantastic which led to the inspection of my large intestine tissue. Microscopic colitis is only detectable by viewing the tissue under a microscope, hence the name and necessity for the colonoscopy. Very little is known about the cause of microscopic colitis. Some research thinks it is caused by bacteria, other research points to adverse reactions to medications. Treatment is fairly routine and the long term prognosis is very bright. For now I have to take a lot of Pepto Bismol tablets which will theoretically re-coat the lining of my large intestine and alleviate my symptoms. If after four weeks I have not seen enough progress I will be prescribed a round of steroids that will finish the job. I am very excited and relieved about this news! Over the past month I had worked myself through several dooms day scenarios and was terrified about the findings of my testing. I am also very excited to re-start my training with a new focus. Once I can curb the diarrhea I will be able to establish proper electrolyte levels and be properly hydrated, not to mention free up an extra hour of my day that will not be spent in the bathroom. This is the perfect way to start 2012 and now I am extremely excited about the prospects of training and racing full bore!




  1. Good Stuff Man. Great to have your back. Here's to a great year, more running, and more hanging out!

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