Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Week I...

Week I, Month I Goals:

Forty Hours for the month
Ten hours this week (May be tricky with Wednesday and Thursday)
Find a place to swim!

Sunday: Happy New Year! Why not lump an extra day into the first week of the year! Started off the year with a gorgeous nine mile run. I overdressed and had to loop home to drop off my hat and long sleeve before heading back out for another six miles. I listened to all of the Temple of the Dog album today on my run. I'd be willing to bet that I was the only person in the world to listen to that entire album today on a run. Just a guess. After a stunning Patriots game I put in a moderate hour on the trainer while watching the Broncos and Chiefs game. The NFL playoffs are looking pretty exciting this year to say the least. I felt like I was producing some great power on the ride today. What a great way to kick off the year! I got turned onto FLO Cycling today and am extremely excited about their products. Hopefully their wheels will be released soon! (2 hrs.)

Monday: Last day off from school which is a huge bummer! I've had such a great time hanging out with Mary and Eko at home. I slept in late again which put off my morning ride until 11:00. My ride was pretty uneventful but I was sweating buckets. I listened to STP Purple which is always pleasant. In the afternoon I put in nine miles on the treadmill. I wanted to run for an hour but I also wanted to run nine miles. I had to be creative with my use of five minute pace in the last ten minutes of the run. Back to the grind tomorrow and up at 4:30. (2 hrs.)

Tuesday: It appears that winter has finally arrived in the form of frigid temperatures and moderate winds out of the west north west. I did not sleep very well last night banking on the alarm at 4:29 all along. Got up at 4:23 and got back into the morning coffee ride routine. Superunknown again on the bike while focusing on keeping HR pretty low. Planning a treadmill run at five so I will report back later. My run was awful. I was having all sorts of bathroom problems before and during the run. My energy level went through the floor around twenty-five minutes and it was a struggle to make it five miles. Obviously with such bad diarrhea I must be dehydrated and have a wicked messed up electrolyte balance. Arrg! I am so frustrated! I just want to train and feel good! (1 hr. 30 min.)

Wednesday: Up early as per usual but I only rode for a half hour. I'm not allowed to eat today to prepare for tomorrows procedure so Mary insisted that I ride that bare minimum. I would love to attempt a short run later but given that I have been pumping laxatives all afternoon and am blogging from the toilet I am beginning to have doubts. (30 min.)

Thursday: Colonoscopy and upper endoscopy this morning. Not sure it I will be able to train later. The tank is empty right now! What a strange day. I ended up going into the procedures early and coming home late. I was drugged significantly more than I expected and was under in the recovery room until noon. The car ride home is very spotty in my memory and the walk inside is barley there. I passed back out on the couch until almost three o'clock before finally shaking the cobwebs out a little bit. Mary would have killed me if I even hinted at a run or ride so I guess I have to settle for a zero today. I still feel a little off as I sit here Friday morning.




Total: Four hours.




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