Friday, December 9, 2011


It appears that after months of searching I finally have an answer to why I have not been performing at 100%. According to my most recent blood work I have a gluten intolerance issue. I will no know if it is celiac disease until a colonoscopy is performed to take a closer look at the intestinal tissues. Obviously I have a huge lifestyle change in my immediate future but at least I have several silver linings to this situation. According to my doctor and multiple written sources there is a very significant possibility that I have been malnourished for some time now. This has been my dirty little secret for well over a year. I have had gastrointestinal issues as far back as 2006 but it was mostly isolated a flare up from time to time that was more a nuisance than anything. This current flare has been steady and ongoing since August of 2010. I have been lying to myself the entire time thinking that I just have an overactive metabolism and that I was ok. It is easy to lie to yourself when things are still going ok. Despite this issue I have still won the majority of my races this year and I feel that I have made solid physical gains. Without question those gains are only a minor indication of what I was really capable of during that period. I am nervous and excited in the same breath with the prospect of being able to compete now without a shadow hanging over me. I will post more once I have a better understanding of what is going on.


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