Saturday, November 5, 2011


All apologies for my absence over the past two weeks. Following my great sixteen mile run with Matt and Pete I managed to get a pretty inflamed left patella and patella tendon. Looking back I think it was the ride that I did right before I left for Greg and Jen's wedding. I was hammering all out for the duration of the ride and essentially stopped, showered, and got in the car. My quads were extremely tight all day and my IT band got involved the following day on the run. Hopefully this can serve as a lesson and I will be better about taking care of myself following hard efforts. I have been back on the bike this week feeling good and my runs have also been pain free. I almost think this was my bodies way of talking me out of running the Manchester City Marathon. I was seriously contemplating showing up and running 2:34-2:36 just to see if I could run that pace and recover in a day or two. I had a future Ironman in the back of my head and was thinking about race paces. Oh well maybe next year.

I was sorting though some boxes last week and found the race towel from The Black Fly Triathlon. I got really nostalgic and excited for next season. When I think back about that brilliant July morning I get chills. Finishing the Saturday international race totally spent, mildly overheated, and excited beyond belief is such a poignant memory. When one of the chute workers thrust that cold, wet towel into my hands I was in paradise. From a sensory standpoint I'm pretty sure that will never be topped. Lets hope EV is right and memories really are like fingerprints.

I've got a nice little weekend of training planned and I will start with regular training updates on Monday. I am also going into full sponsorship mode for next year. I have created an advertising portfolio to send to local business seeking support for next season. If anyone has any ideas feel free to comment below.


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