Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Base Training Week V...

Monday: I did not get up early this morning. I was actually pretty wiped out following yesterdays long run and went to bed a little after seven o'clock. In the afternoon it was sort of cold so I bundled up in pants, a long sleeve, and gloves for my run. Ran my Thatcher Hill seven milers at an easy pace. I am starting to be more in tune with my running posture. I think I've been slouching! (47 min.)

Tuesday: Turned off the alarm this morning and was going to sleep for an extra hour. Four minutes later I was pissed off at myself and dragged myself out of bed for my ride. My quads were still very fatigued starting the ride and I felt pretty terrible for the first fifteen minutes. I kept the HR pretty low thinking that I still needed some recovery time. I did some serious day dreaming about the Mt. Sunapee bike race next spring. Its been so long since I've raced that I will have to go cat. 5 which should be amusing. Audioslave, followed by Foo Fighters on the iPhone. (45 min.) In the afternoon I jetted out the door after walking Eko for a solo seven. Focused on running form most of the way which inherently caused me to run faster than I have been. I worked on running with a real stride on the hill opposed to the tiny steps that I fall back on when I am feeling tired.(45 min.) Overall a pretty solid day of training. (1 hr. 30 min.)







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