Monday, August 29, 2011


I received a call this morning from my doctors nurse with my blood test results. Apparently my white blood cell count is through the floor for a yet to be explained reason. Typical white blood cell levels in the adult healthy range are between 4.5 and 10 million parts per million. My white blood cell count is down to 3.5 parts per million! This is the definitive answer of what has been causing my fatigue now we just have to piece together the puzzle of why the level is so low. Obviously I am more than a little freaked out because anytime you research low white blood cell count doomsday predictions come at you from every angle. When WBC counts are low the body is fighting something and not having the best of luck beating it down. After some research on my own I think that I may be fighting some sort of long term intestinal virus that has been giving me some stomach issues this summer. My doctor has referred me to a hematologist so hopefully we can set up an appointment as soon as possible so I can put this issue to rest and get back to work. (Just off the phone with Cheshire Medical. Hematology can't see me until September 27! Does this mean that I have to feel like this for another month? VERY FRUSTRATED!) With that being said I am going to lower my training volume until we have a better idea of what is happening. I am going to cut things back to seven to ten hours a week until I get doctors approval to ramp back up to full volume. Since I am already entered in The Circle Triathlon this weekend I will give it my best shot but will not expect to seek and destroy which was the plan all summer. Following the race this weekend I am going to keep my racing plans open until I have a better idea of what is happening. I hate racing when I am not at my best and according to the blood work I have not been physically at my best for a long time. It's impressive to look at some of the things I was able to accomplish this summer with my body not functioning at 100%. Hopefully I will have some positive news soon and in the meantime I will keep posing my weekly totals. I hope everyone can cut me some slack if there are a few missing days from time to time. I've just been exhausted beyond belief!

(In the name of being even more proactive I have been researching ways to raise my white blood cell count. I have purchased a Astragalus Root supplement, a Zinc supplement and a Siberian Ginseng supplement to help naturally boost my white blood cell count.)



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