Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer of Mark Week IV

Monday: Got out shortly after 10:00 for a gentle five miler in thirty-two minutes and change. Felt more like a swim with the humidity but I managed. Foot still a tiny bit sore! Afternoon Monday hill workout. Five mile warm-up easy 4 x Death Hill in 3:12, 3:09, 3:12, 3:08 & 4 x minute w./ 30 sec. rest. Hard workout, wicked hot and humid. I was terrified of the last hill repeat. I was dead after number three and considering I wanted to run 3:20s I had a million reasons to quit. I searched the depths for the courage to finish the last hill and managed a great repeat. I was very proud that I did not quit on the workout. Left groin muscle tightened up on the first minute repeat again, maybe its a Death Hill thing. I added on to make the afternoon run into thirteen miles. Eighteen to start to week which is a number I don't put up that often anymore. ( 2 hr.)

Tuesday: A bit of a crazy disjointed day and my training took a bit of a hit. I went to my parents house this morning to pick up some new furniture and moved it back to Keene. My Dad and I made a pretty dam good moving team if I do say so myself! Finally after I got everything in order and where I wanted it I got down to business. I headed out for a gentle 20 mile TT on The Vulture. I really had to work hard at going easy despite my hard effort yesterday. I managed to keep the average down to 23.3 which is crazy to think about. I really think that if I hammered today that I could have rode 25 plus. Got home and headed out the door right away for a super easy six miler. For those of you in and around the Keene area checking out the new bike path is a must. Mile after mile of fresh packed plush cinder dust. Perfect training surface! I kept things gentle today because I am planning a big day tomorrow. ( 1.5 hr.)

Wednesday: 6:00 am swim workout at KSC. Warm-up 3oo, 200, 100 with assorted drills and such. The workout on tap for today was a "Test Set" of 10 x 200 with 20 seconds rest. Apparently to total time of this workout creates an individualized pace chart of sorts for each athlete. I needed a bathroom break after the first repeat but things were smooth other than that. Pretty tired again. ( 1 hr.) After watching The Tour and taking a nice long nap I headed out the door for 30 miles on The Vulture. The original plan for the day was to ride 40 miles but the heat was so stifling that I was forced to modify the length of the ride. In hindsight I also wish I would have adjusted the course because I rode out to Alstead up the big three mile climb on 12a. I was suffering and paying the price for swimming out of my league this morning. On the decent I was sketched out for the first time ever on The Vulture. I did not like the cracks and frost heaves one bit and did not feel comfortable going over 40 mph. I will avoid heading out past the Gilsum crossover again. ( 1.5 hr.) Headed out twenty minutes after the ride for an easy (6:45 pace) out and back nine miler. It was really hot the whole way but I really focused on racing and how long course triathlon is as much a war of attrition as anything else. Long days like this in the heat will serve me well come September. We are off to Maine for the weekend so I will only be running after tomorrow. (3.5 hrs.)






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