Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer of Mark Week III

Monday: Pretty tired today and I promised Mary that I would go easy so I kept if pretty light. Went to noon swim at KSC and got in some form work and had some good breakthroughs with my stroke. According to my new coach I have been wasting energy pulling to far past my hip. I have watched some video of Mr. Phelps to try and help me understand what I am supposed to be doing. (40 min.) Later in the afternoon I headed out for a slow three mile shakeout. I was tired still but it was slow and I at least wanted to salvage an hour out of the day. ( 1 hr)

Tuesday: Back to business today with two runs and a road bike ride in the hot weather. Got out just after 11:00 for an easy five mile to get my legs back under me following the weekend. (33 min.) Chilled out for a hour and a half and then went out for a 25 mile hilly road bike ride. I was hot and I really suffered at times but I got in the work. ( 1 hr 18 min) After trying unsuccessfully to fix my washing machine I headed out for a moderate out and back seven miler. It was still hot outside but I managed. (46 min. ) ( 2 hr. 37 min.)

Wednesday: 6:00 swim workout at KSC. W-up drills 4 x 75, 6 x 50 kick board. Dropout set workout starting at 3:00 working to 1:45. 5 x 150, 2 x 125, 9 x 100, 1 x 25. 2,525 total yds. for the morning. Felt good but now my shoulders are hamburger! (1 hr) 10:00 am headed out for a 20 mile TT ride to Surry and back. I was dead from the swim work so I was forced to ride slow. 21.8 avg. which is near a death march on The Vulture. Opted out of a running workout erring on the side of intelligence. Ran a moderate 11 miles out through Yale and back with a mile add on on the heritage trail in downtown. Very solid day of over distance training. (3 hr. 15 min.)

Thursday: When I was stepping off the podium last Sunday I compressed my right ankle in a peculiar way. Somehow I feel like it is manifesting itself as a slight case of tendonitis. I decided to chill a bit today and just focus on a bit of a light running workout. Forty-four minute moderate warm-up through Yale Forest followed by 10 x 1 minute with 1 minute rest. Felt excellent on the pickups and did not push my cool-down. 12 (1 hr. 16 min.)

Friday: Did massive amounts of brush cutting to prepare Highland Street for the Yoga retreat that Mary was hosting. I revitalized one trail by hand after I could not find the blade for the brush cutter. In the late afternoon I headed out for a slow nine miler around Ashland. Not really a whole lot to talk about. (1 hr.)

Saturday: Paul and I headed down to Concord for the Luti 5 miler this morning. I warmed up three miles alone and felt a little flat but thought I could get things started during the race. Went out hard with the leaders thinking that I would be able to move on the hill after the first mile. Quick first mile, sub 5 min, and then tried to move up the hill. Immediately, I got a call from the engine room that there was not any additional power available. Fought hard up the hill thinking I could get it going but when I heard my two mile split (10:24) I went into workout mode. A bit of hubris on my part thinking that I could cram another race into a very busy week. Finished up in 26:30 and fit in a four mile cool down before heading home. Around 3:00 I headed out on The Soloist for an hour and forty minutes. I feel like a three hour day is my benchmark now for what I can hang my hat on. Back in the day when I would run 20 I would feel the same way. I felt surprisingly great out on the bike despite my obvious fatigue. I averaged over 2o mph for the majority of the ride but really worked to get it under 20. ( 3hr.)

Sunday: My right foot was still sore so given that I had been over a month without a day off I decided to rest and ice all day. I took a bunch of ibuprofen and iced in a cooler full of ice six different times for up to 30 minutes. Picked and ate a ton of berries, hydrated, read, and washed the car. Productive day of nothing!

Total: Wrapping up the week with twelve hours and eight minutes of training. Really wanted to get fifteen hours but it would have been stupid to ignore the foot issue. I'll have a bit of a disjointed week coming up with some travel so I am going to try and really front load the week.



I threw together a few of the clips Mary shot last weekend. Perfect timing with Lukin!

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