Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tune up...

Following eight intense hours on the bike last week I had to drop off The Demon for a tune up. Logic should have told me to have the ride tuned while I was unable to cycle but then again when have I ever done anything logical? Despite the fact that my power is on the rise with every ride my shifting performance was such that I was making a barrage of technical mistakes on climbs. Without the services of my trusty steed I decided to do a workout on my punching bag with some dumbbell reps between intervals. My arms a pretty shaky this morning and I bruised/cut my right pinkie knuckle pretty good. On the plus side it actually seems like I am putting some muscle on my upper body for the first time in six years. I will give a full length update this weekend when I attempt my first run. I think I am going to go buy a new log to get myself off to a solid start.


Attached are a couple of shots of the fam at Plum Island last weekend.

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  1. Good to see you at the workout and glad you're keeping your spirits up. You've definitely put on some muscle mass. You're looking diesel man!