Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Quick One While He's Away...

My last couple of posts have been rather vague reflections of my current mental state. It seems as if the time has come to update the blogosphere on the current state of my recovery and training. So far this week I have put in seven highly intense hours on The Demon. I have been riding an absurd amount of technical climbs and have found some brilliant single track descents that have brought many smiles to my face. My achilles has been standing up to everything pretty well until yesterday. Any number of things could have caused the tiny amount of irritation that I am feeling today. Thursday night I did a fair amount of walking in my Crocs, something I said I was not going to do until I was 100%. Yesterday was also extremely wet in Keene and according to Mary the moisture always makes her achilles worse. On top of all of that I tortured myself for one hundred and twenty five minutes in the hills of Keene. I'll ride significantly easier today with the hope of staving off any further hiccups in my recovery. All signs are still pointing to a first run on August first.


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