Monday, August 2, 2010

Training August 1 - 7

Sunday: AM MTB Ride (Blast) Drummer Hill 2:16.15 Rode Hard! Core lifting. (2:30)

AM MTB Ride (Blast) Drummer Hill 1:16.10 Three hard climbs! PM 1.5 mile open water swim at Wilson pond. 44:02. Started a little to quick but felt like I could swim that pace for three miles or so. Core (2:15)

Tuesday: PM 4 mile run just under 7:00 pace. Wicked humid. Eccentric pt for achilles. (30:00)

Wednesday: AM/PM MTB Ride (Blast) Drummer Hill Summit Switchback Trail x2, Gunn Road Hard (180 HR) Lower trail maze climb, roads to Skyline Ave. Skyline Trail climb hard (175 HR), train tracks back to town. 2:42.06. Longest continuous physical exertion of the year!

Thursday: PM 4 mile run West Keene (30:00) PM Swim at Wilson Pond with Andy M. 400 easy/ 400 hard 7:28/7:00 (45:00)



Total: 8:45 (With the triathlon training I will be keeping track of things in hours from now on)

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