Sunday, May 23, 2010

Training May 17 - 23

Monday: PM 5 with Fyffe PM 5 easy with Greg
Tuesday: PM 7 still tired
Wednesday: PM 5 PM 3 w/up 8x800 400 rest 2:19.? throughout. 3 mile c/dw. (17)
Thursday: PM 7 Tired
Friday: PM 6 with Mary, Fyffe, and Najem. Wicked hot!
Saturday: AM 3mile w/up Bedford 12k 3rd 38:15. 7 mile c/dw. w/ Schmk, Ely, Carrera. PM 3 with Mary, Najem, and Pipp. (20)
Sunday: AM 3 with Mary, Steve, and Pipp. PM 5 Solo.

Total: 75

Summary: First down week heading into Vermont City. I had a very solid workout Wednesday and thought I was ready to run better at Bedford. My legs have just not felt as I am accustomed to them feeling at this time of year. Maybe it will all click next weekend! One more workout of quarters on Wednesday and then a lot of rest. Hays in the barn Pre, Hays in the barn... I have to give massive amounts of praise to Justin's race last weekend. The guy is an animal right now, and he sings.



  1. Thanks dude. It is going to be an interesting week for sure. Great job running the show at the meet.