Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week of Vermont City Marathon:

Monday: PM 5 with Fyffe. Really hot! Starter for MS meet at KHS.
Tuesday: PM 5 in the heat with Fyffe. Felt pretty good.
Wednesday: PM 3 shakeout with Fyffe. PM 3 mile w/up 8x400 400 rest all in 69+ 70-. Hot! 3 mile c/dwn. Soak in Happy River. (13) Solid tune-up!
Thursday: AM 5 PM 2
Friday: PM 2 mile jog with Fyffe. Ran one hard strider! (2)
Saturday: 0 Rest
Sunday: 27 Vermont City Marathon 2:25.45 5th

Total: 59

Some pics Mary took.

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