Saturday, May 15, 2010

Training May 10 - 16

Monday: PM 7 Last mile 5:10
Tuesday: PM 5 PM 8 with Najam
Wednesday: PM 5 PM 5 x Mile with Fyffe. 4:42, 4:49, 4:51, 4:51, 4:56 Calf cramp (17)
Thursday: PM TIRED 12
Friday: PM 7 Mile 6 min. 3 mile 15:19, 3 miles quick. PM 10 5:50 pace solo.
Saturday: AM 6 solo AM 3 at CVL HS meet PM 9 with Mary.
Sunday: AM 13 miles 70:40 4:55 last mile, 6+ mile cool-down. (19+)

Total: 103

Summary: This was the last push for Vermont City and I must say it went nearly perfect. Missing the last mile of the workout Wednesday was the only blip on the radar. I am glad that I stopped because the rest of the week it was a non issue. The three mile progression served a major purpose this week and in a way it seems as if it was the key to this entire week. My legs were still tired from Wednesday and it tired them out enough to make Sunday difficult. Twenty-two miles this week at marathon pace or faster is also a major feather in my cap.

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