Monday, January 16, 2017

Week Two...

Week two of the year was, as is typically the case with the trainer, disturbingly they same. The major difference of the week was implementing the second workout and taking in the show Thursday night. Week two of the year also marked the end of the first three week build cycle of the year. Cratty prescribed twelve hours for week three and I was pretty determined to hit the number heading into the rest week. 

Monday: Absurdly tired again and didn’t get out of beg again when I needed to. I have been pretty pissed at myself taking off Monday morning because I feel like it sets me behind for the entire week. In the afternoon I did sixty-five minutes at 194 watts. Not the best but still a number. 

Tuesday: Same as Monday. Tired again and struggling to get into the morning game. Afternoon seventy minutes at 197 watts. This turned into an incredibly ho hum ride.

Wednesday: Finally managed to double up on a ride. Sixty-six minutes in the am and seventy minutes in the afternoon. I had a considerable amount of running around to do in the afternoon and didn’t get on the bike until after 4:30 so I bagged the workout. Got into a great rhythm of putting things off this week!

Thursday: Up at 3:45 for a quick snack and some dark roast before getting on the trainer at 4:40. Cratty prescribed 4 x 10 with some sprints at the end. The ten minute intervals were pretty easy from and RPE perspective and the rest felt a little too long for me. The sprints at the end really weren’t sprints because everything was set pretty low in the 360 watt range. I did let myself fire things up a bit on the last one in the low 400s just to rev the engine a bit. 

Took the afternoon off on account of the Phantogram show that night in Providence. Mary and I met up with Dave at his house and Sutton and hung out for a few hours prior to the show. My initial understanding was that the show started at 9:00 which was already a stretch for me given that I had been up since 3:45. Dave informed me that opener went on at 9:00 and that odd were that Phantogram wouldn’t take the stage until 10:00! We had plenty of time to get there and chilled with a couple of delicious beers including a Pipsqueak Penguin from Trillium which was borderline sublime. As for the show it was freaking incredible. I really did not know what to expect heading in given how little I know about the band’s live sound. Musically they were one of the better bands that I have seen live and the fact that they played incredibly loud was an added bonus. The rattled off sixteen or seventeen songs over the course of the show and I honestly felt like I was one of the only people in the crowd that knew all of the songs. When these guys really blow up this summer I’m going to take a very “I told you so” attitude. I will defiantly be seeing them again whenever I have the chance. It ended up being a pretty crazy night and I had to wrangle Mary and Dave back to the car. All told we didn’t get to bed until 2:45 which made it a twenty-three hour effort for me! Thankfully I took a personal day Friday and had the whole day to just be a waste of tired space. 

Friday: I didn’t do myself any favors on Friday being so tired and could only muster seventy-five minutes on the trainer before dinner. I passed out on the couch at roughly 7:05 with the weight of needing over five hours in two days to hit my twelve hour goal for the week. 

Saturday: Hunkered down for a longer ride on the trainer with a couple of week old CX races on YouTube. Wout completely obliterated a pretty strong field at the Belgian Championships. When he takes off on the first lap someone should at least try to go with him. It actually got to the point where it was comical how far ahead he was. On the last lap he was coming back over the monstrous flyover after the long beech section and Toon was just cresting the top of the flyover heading in the other direction. Those guys must have felt so demoralized! Anyways I managed two hours twenty on the trainer. I hatched a pretty ill advised plan for Sunday given that I planned on another late night for the Pats game. I was going to do a shakeout ride in the morning and another Cratty special in the afternoon. 

Sunday: Despite the late night I actually woke up feeling pretty ok Sunday. I dragged my feet a bit on the shakeout because I was watching the World Cup on the living room couch. I didn’t get on the bike until after 10:30 and managed to get in 55 minutes at 190 watts. I started my workout ride at 2:30 and was tired from the onset. The late nights and tired legs made the workout a drag. This was a tough one and I had to bail after the first 56 minutes of effort. I did the whole initial build and the first thirty minutes of the hour of power complete with sprints. There was no way that I was going to be able to hit the numbers the back half so I focused on hitting some higher numbers on the last ninety second efforts that closed out the workout. I defiantly want another crack at this workout in the coming weeks so I can feel a sense of redemption. 

I did hit the number and made it to twelve hours which capped the three week cycle. Looking at my training calendar on Strava my early week slacking is costing me. I haven’t taken a day off all year which probably contributed to my fatigue during the workout on Sunday. I need to be better about not digging myself a hole in the next three week build. Seven hours coming up this week with a hard workout on Wednesday and Friday. Maybe there will be a little excitement this week. 

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