Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Base Training Week IX...

Monday: I got up early and put in a fairly insignificant forty-five minutes on The Soloist. In the afternoon I got out on a easy seven miler. Tired quads from yesterday but overall a solid day to start the week. (1 hr. 30 min.)

Tuesday: Up early for the typical forty-five minutes on The Soloist. In the afternoon my IT band was wicked inflamed so I just ran three miles. When I got home I really focused on stretching and spent some time in the hot tub. I really focused the jets on the IT band and piraformis to attempt to get loose for the Wednesday workout. (1 hr. 5 min.)

Wednesday: When I woke up this morning I swore that I was still asleep. I know that is a huge oxymoron but I insist that it is true. Phase four sleep was still clutching my psyche as I fumbled my way out to the coffee pot. I snapped out of it as soon as the Krups was dripping and was back on track. I headed down to The Soloist early somehow and put in forty-five minutes. I kept things super easy with the looming workout this afternoon. I can't get enough Superunknown on the bike right now? In the afternoon I met up with Greg, Justin, Erik, James, Brad, Chris, and Boj at the KMS track. Three mile warm-up through the neighborhood followed by thee by 2000-meters. I was a little skeptical of this workout and thought of doing four by 1200 instead. After talking with Greg and Justin about pace I decided that the 2000s would fit the bill and provide the same amount of volume. The workout went super well and the three of us had a great rhythm. Greg led the first 1200 of each repeat with Justin locked on his shoulder. I hung out in the back until 1300-meters and then pulled at a faster pace the last 700-meters. Justin and I went a little earlier on the last repeat which felt really nice. I could not hang with Justin in the last 150 but I am confident that I could have done another repeat at the same pace.

2:35, 5:09, 6:24
2:34, 5:04, 6:17
2:34, 4:59, 6:10

Obviously I am pumped about his workout and feel that it is a good indication that my training is spot on right now. Obviously my volume is a huge advantage right now in workouts that are longer in duration. Today was a huge confidence booster that will hopefully bolster my training and lead to continued breakthroughs. The three mile cool-down was as always a highlight. (2 hr.)

Thursday: Up early and feeling surprisingly good which is a huge departure from my first track workout. Very optimistic right now about the direction of my training and the benefit is appears to be having on my running. I have been on the trainer so long now I can on The Soloist. I rode mostly between 135 and 140 bpm which was a little high for a recovery morning but I felt good. I stayed later at work today working on a presentation I have to make next Friday to the district paraprofessionals. Walked Eko through the woods and wound up lacking some serious daylight. I'm not going to sweat only getting three miles in because things are going so well right now. I really am not in a position to start chasing mileage right now! I also got a nice rejection letter this afternoon from The Main Street America Group about my sponsorship inquiry. Onward and upward and time to pester some new companies for money! (1 hr. 5 min.)

Friday: Woke up sleeping on my stomach for the first time since we got our new bed which was a weird feeling. I did a odd and seemingly choreographed push-up flip/spin out of bed to hit the alarm and get started. My streak of morning motivation is related more to disappointing Mary by waking her up at 4:30 for no apparent reason. If I don't get up I'm a huge ass which is true because she is a much lighter sleeper than I am. Anyways, Superunknown and forty-five minutes on The Soloist. I hammered out of the saddle for a while and the rocked a really hard gear and brought the HR up into the 160s for a while. I had wicked irritable bowel issues today and left work a little early to pick up some probiodic support. Given that I was so "drained" I only ran four miles with Mary. Popped by Turn it Up on my way home and picked up Badmotorfinger. Not quite sure where mine went and it's not on my phone so I need some Soundgarden reinforcements. (1 hr 15 min.)

Saturday: Diarrhea and headache. (0)

Sunday: Diarrhea, vomiting, and headache. (0)

Total: Seven Hours.

Summary: What a pisser this weekend turned into. I had big plans but obviously things did not pan out for me. Maybe a visit to the Dr. is in order.

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