Saturday, October 1, 2011

Late Call...

Thursday night Dr. Steve Larmon called while Mary and I were unpacking the rest of our belongings. Anytime a doctor call on his own time from home it is immediate cause for concern. Fortunately Steve is just extremely professional and wanted to call me to put my mind at ease. Preliminary results of my most recent blood work is showing my total white blood cell count making a big comeback. In the month since my last test my count has risen by nearly a million cells per liter. Steve is running more tests to pinpoint the exact cause of my difficulties but is more and more confident that his mono hypothesis is going to be the conclusion. I will give everyone an update next week as more results come rolling in. It even appears that Steve is going to give me a full print out of all my numbers from the last few years so I can have a better understanding of my training cycles and the impact that they have had on my blood values.



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