Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer of Mark Week V

Monday: 6:00 am swim workout at KSC. Monday is drills and skills day. We worked a lot on balance and stroke frequency. I think this was my most important swim work yet. I really felt like by the end of the workout that I was swimming on a different level. ( 1 hr.) 12:00 25 mile TT ride on The Vulture. Rode out to Surry and back with a loop added on the west side of Keene. Averaged 23 mph for the first 23 miles then dead pedaled through Keene for a short cool down. I rode pretty easily today and it was nice not to be loosing massive amounts of fluid every pedal stroke. ( 1 hr. 9 min.) 4:00 pm headed out in the rain for an interesting nine miler. The weather was astoundingly wonderful. I love running in the summer rain! I called this a Bruce Bickford run because I ran on feel. Started out at 6:40 pace and picked it up every mile the rest of the way. By the time I turned around I was running sub six minute pace but really ramped it up on the way back. Once I hit the bike path I started hammering. I did not want to rely on the watch so I only let myself check the last mile. Hammered extra hard and closed out the run with a 4:42. 52:43 for the nine miles. (3 hr.)

Tuesday: 12:00 headed out for a slow recovery 13 miler. Yesterday took a bit of life out of my legs so I ran pretty easy today to gear up for tomorrows workout. I worked on fueling while running the final eight miles today. Ran with a watered down GU in a gel flask and took a small sip every mile. I need to get significantly better at consuming and assimilating fuel while running. Even with the GU watered down it left me feeling thirsty. It may be time to invest in a Fuel Belt. (1.5 hr.)

Wednesday: Around 11:00 I headed out on The Vulture for a extra easy 21.5 miler. I either soft or dead pedaled every downhill and really took it easy when working into the wind. Still averaged 22 mph which was a little surprising. (1 hr.) Shortly before 2:00 I did a 4 mile run as a sort of shakeout for the workout later on. I guess at the same time I seem to be chasing mileage and hours! Fyffe would be proud! (.5 hr.) 5:00 track workout at Monadnock with Justin, Andy, James, and Ockel. Five mile warm-up 3 x mile w./ 400 meter jog rest. Before we started I almost bailed because I felt so terrible. As we walked to the line I started to walk away but then I told myself that I was going to be tired every step of the Pumpkinman. Every long course triathlon race is a war of attrition and nobody cares if your tired or if you bonked, it just needs to be done. Workout went surprisingly well until the last repeat. 4:55, 4:52, 4:59. I was toast after repeat number two and then Fyffe and I took the last one out in 72. I struggled the rest of the way but managed to finish things off in style. Two mile cool-down barefoot on the grass with Justin and Andy trying to keep up in a heady conversation. Fifteen mile running day! (2 hr 40 min.)

Thursday: 12:00 Swim at KSC with Andy. Katie had us do a lot of drills followed by some 50s at threshold pace. I really struggled for some reason today is the pool. I was really jacked to carry Monday into today but it just didn't happen. Obviously I must be a little tired from yesterday. (1 hr.) My running shoes were in the car so I had to wear a pair of Mizuno flats that I had kicking around new in box. With how tired my legs were I was not thrilled to be out running in flats but I made due. Super slow, 7:05 pace, nine miler out on the rail bed to Swanzey and back. (1 hr.) Debated shortening the run but I am really craving hours this week! (2 hr.)

Friday: 8:30 am headed out on The Vulture for what I hoped would be a fast thirty mile effort through Gilsum and Surry. Eight miles into the ride cars started meeting me on Route 10 that were absolutely soaked with rain. I'm not afraid to ride in the rain but cleaning at TT bike after a rainy ride is a huge pain in the rear so I turned and headed for town. I figured that if I could get to the east side of town in the hills that I would be high and dry. So rather than a fast thirty mile ride I have a super hilly and technical 22 miles in the book. I felt great climbing on the B14 and was making great power up on Beach Hill. ( 1 hr.) Planned on running in Ashland in the afternoon but I felt like I had mono and slept from 3:00 until 4:30. Decided to listen to the body and gear up for a big weekend. (1 hr.)

Saturday: Made six quarts of dill relish with Mary this morning to kick off canning season. Around 10:30 headed out for a hilly 14 miler around Ashland. I was in a wicked fog early on in the run but seemingly felt better with every stride. My left hip and glute appears to be a little out of whack leaving me devoid of any sort of running power. (1 hr. 35 min.) 2:00 Headed out on The Soloist for a wicked hilly and super windy 32.5 miler. The wind made this one of the hardest rides of the year but I still managed a good pace and really hammered the hills. (1 hr. 40 min.) (3 hr. 15 min.)

Sunday: I got up at a reasonable hour fueled up and headed out for fifteen all alone in the hills of Ashland. I felt a lot better today and was in much less of a fog than yesterday. I felt good on the hills again and was just sort of in the groove of putting in time. Fifteen miles gave me 75 running miles for the week which is my highest since the VCM debacle. If I would have run Friday I would have gotten 80 for the week which is very encouraging. Planned on riding again in the afternoon but Mary's brother ended up showing up for the day so plans changed and we ended up heading out on Squam Lake for the day. I fit in a ten minute open water swim which was a bit of a joke. I did not eat after my run and I was starting to feel spacey and bonkish as I started to swim. Given that I was in the relatively deep water of Rattle Snake Cove I did not want to play an games with how I was feeling. (1 hr. 50 min.)

Total: 15 hours 40 minutes for the week which is an all time high. I really would have loved to gotten in another bike ride Sunday afternoon but it was nice to relax out on the boat for the day. I think this week was a great step in the right direction training wise. My running seems to be going really well and Wednesdays workout proved that I can still run race pace while tired. I was climbing really well this week on both bikes which is another positive sign. I think once things get a little bit better in the water that I will be in the right place heading into The Pumpkinman. I am going to ratchet things back a couple of notches this week to try and really light things up at Give Peace a Tri.


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