Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer of Mark Week II

Monday: Disjointed day because of 4th of July fun but I still managed to shape two hours of training around parades, BBQ, and sun. Out the door at 7:45 for a slow 4 miler without any coffee in the system. The WORST run ever! At 2:00 pm I went out for a smoking hot twenty mile road bike ride over the hills. Pretty close to 90 degrees on the roads while I was frying, I mean riding. At 4:30 I headed out for another 4 miler on my own. Legs are tired from the heat! (2+ hr)

Tuesday: 4:45 pm 25 mile (69 + total) TT ride out through Surry. Left wanting an easy ride but a mile in I knew I was feeling it so I decided to hammer for 20 miles. 23.9 avg. for the interval (49:35 for 20) followed by a five mile cool down. Stopped at Norm's and got my bars re-raised the 1/8 in. they were lowered last week. Those guys are the best! Instantly felt better. Got wrapped up sending emails and talking on the phone post ride and did not refuel well. Headed out to run 10 easy but ran into problems around three miles. All of the sudden I "flash" bonked! It was like a flash flood but with a bonk. I contemplated going door to door in Swanzey looking for a snack. After about fifteen minutes my body started metabolizing fat and I felt ok for the rest of the run home to grab a Gu. Ended up settling for 9 miles in sixty-two minutes. (2 hr. 11 min.)

Wednesday: 6:00 am swim workout at KSC. 600 yds. worth of drills for w-up. Drop out set of 100s alternating hard 25s and streamline back kicking. Lost count but I know that I worked wicked hard and was all but exhausted by the time I finished. Crazy day of work and travel so I only squeezed in a 4 miler in Keene after the swim. By the time I got back to Ashland they were on the cusp of a huge storm. (1.5 hr)

Thursday: Nine mile easy run in Ashland. 10 miles gentle on TT bike. (1.5 hr)

Friday: Black Fly Tri TT. 4 mile morning shakeout PM TT 10:51 10th place. Fast! (1 hr)

Saturday: Black Fly Tri International 1:28.15 Second overall, First in LOF. Killed the run! (1.5 hr)

Sunday: Black Fly Tri Sprint 1:06.11 First overall, first LOF. Tired (1.5 hr)

Total: Wrapped up the week with around eleven and a quarter hours worth of work. 44 miles of running and some very hard swimming and cycling. Rest day on Monday then back to work with another week of big hours. Race recaps coming later today.



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  1. noooo! the dreaded flash bonk! fiberglass on roids.