Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer of Mark Week I

Monday: 6:00 am masters swim workout at KSC. Lots of form drills followed by 8 x 50 and core work. 10:00 am 30 mile "easy" road bike ride out through Gilsum and Surry. Climbed really easy which kept the avg. down to 19.5. 3:00 pm slogged through a hot 11 miles with 2 x casual Death Hill. I did not have the legs for a hill workout but I wanted to keep the streak alive for hills on Monday. Any Death Hill run is a sort of workout I guess. (3 hr. 50 min. on the day) BEASTLY day of training!

Tuesday: 10:00 am 3 mile run looking for Lucy in the back woods of Ashland. Paul found her a couple of miles from home tangled up in a bush. 2:00 PM 21.5 mile road bike ride. Very hilly 20.5 avg. mph. Worked a little harder than I wanted to so I decided to bag the second run to get ready for tomorrows workouts. (1.5 hrs)

Wednesday: 9:30 am 4 mile run in Ashland, hilly, as usual. 4:00 pm 9 + mile hilly Fartlek 49:13 5 x 3 min. 2 min. recovery, and 5 x 30 sec, 30 sec recovery. Mild cd Felt super strong on a really hilly loop. Gorgeous weather! Life is good! (14 miles 1.5 hrs)

Thursday: 11:30 am 11 mile recovery run in Ashland. Same first nine as yesterday but ten minutes slower! 3:00 pm 25 + mile road bike ride 20.3 avg. speed. Super windy so I ended up riding a little harder than I wanted to for a recovery day. Took things pretty easy on most of the climbs. Raced the weather back into town the last 4 miles with the first tailwind of the ride! (2.5 hrs)

Friday: 9:00 am 1200 meter swim around Lake Winona. Best open water swim of the year so far. Followed the run up right away with a easy 4 mile run. We got invited out on Squam for the day so I took a pretty easy day. (1 hr)

Saturday: 11:00 am 30 mile hilly hard bike ride 21 mph avg. Worked way to hard on the early hills and was trashed the later part of the ride on the bigger hills. I had a 22.5 avg working through the first fifteen miles which was a little steep on the road bike. Sat in the sun way to long and fried a bit so my afternoon run was terrible. Felt sick and only could muster a easy 4 miler. ( 2 hr)

Sunday: With the poor weather predicted for the afternoon I figured that I would only get out for a run today. I ran a moderate 17 miler around Ashland in 1:54 for my longest run since the 2010 marathon. Felt good and was mostly just a little bored throughout the run. (2 hr)

Totals: Wrapping up the week with 64 miles of running, 105 + on the bike and two good swim days. Thirteen hours and fifty minutes or so of training for the week. I would have liked a second seventy mile running week in a row but I was so zapped Saturday afternoon. I also would have liked to get in another twenty miler on the bike but I'm not going to stress. Week one of Summer of Mark training was a huge success. I have the three race series next weekend so I will have to rest a little bit later in this coming week.

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