Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week IV...

Run over thirty miles (41)
Swim over three miles (3)
Ride at least four hours (2:45)

Monday: 800 meter swim (13:30) 7 mile run (45:38) 1 hr

Tuesday: 5 mile run (32:52) Hour mountain bike ride on Demon. Great climbing power! 1.5 hr

Wednesday: 7 miles with Erik in West Keene. Super tired following the hard ride yesterday .75 hr

Thursday: 5 miles super easy, tired still. Two great long stretching sessions. .5hr

Friday: 7 miles with 3 x 30,60,90 Fartlek. 39:50. First workout since May! 800-meter swim (13:30) windy, and difficult! 1hr

Saturday: Hour and thirty-four on The Demon on Drummer. Clean through all the major technical sections. Good climbing splits. 1.5 2 mile swim 57:08! Three minute pr! Learned how to breath on both sides and exponentially improved my efficiency. 2.5 hr

Sunday: 10 miles in the heat! First time in double digits! 71:11

Total: 7.35 Hour

Good week almost every objective met. Ran more so I won't sweat the missing hour or so on the bike. Gearing up this week for The Circle Triathlon in Ashland Sunday morning.

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