Monday, April 12, 2010

Training April 12 - 18...

Monday: PM 8 Tired in the am following the 21
Tuesday: AM 10 Out the door at 4:30! Personal best! PM Track meet + parent meeting 0
Wednesday: AM 0 PM 3 Job Interview
Thursday: AM 8 Funny story PM 7 building to 5:30 pace. Ingrown pinky toenail!
Friday: My body told me to take the day off : )
Saturday: PM 10
Sunday: AM 10 BAA 5k 14:58 PM 11 quick last 2

Total: 60 Job interview + track meet + ingrown toenail = Bad week!


  1. I saw you out on Winchester street this morning at about 6:00. Good luck with the 140 week, and thanks for all the encouragement the last few months. It's been great running with you guys. You've all inspired me to run a little better, now I just have to do it. Thanks.

  2. A kick ass job interview though! Well, the second one.