Sunday, April 11, 2010

State of love and trust...

Obviously one of the great things that comes with age is maturity. I could easily drone on for days about better decision making, hitting the town for fewer pints, and the virtues of getting up early to walk the dog. The maturity that surprises and impresses me the most is related to my training. When I was younger there were always dark shadows creeping around in the murky recesses of my mind. Questions that could not be answered because there were no questions, only doubts. Thinking back on the phenomenal workouts of my early twenties is always exciting but often haunting. Did I ever achieve my full potential? Did I leave to many great performances on the practice track? Questions will always exist but seemingly I no longer care about the answers. The state of love and trust that I am referring to in this blog is the satisfaction that I feel about my current training. The Keene training group has been on a wild and exciting ride since our "official" launch at the 800-meter time trial. The workouts have piled up every week but not a single effort has achieved the legendary status of my earlier years. There is a feeling of consistency that I have been lacking over the past five years. At this point everything seems manageable and invigorating. I have no doubt that this new found love and trust is going to pay huge dividends at Vermont City.

And I listen...


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