Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday workout...

Yesterday the usual suspects headed over to Baker Street for our typical midweek madness. I was much more relaxed heading into the warm-up this week. Last week I was a little high strung and may have been running faster then the others wanted to. This week I was excited and relaxed about the idea of running a longer workout. My workouts have been pretty intense the last couple of weeks but lacked volume. Fyffe, Andy, and I planned on running 10x800 around 10k pace with 400 meters rest.

During the first interval I was a feeling a little uneasy because I was having a difficult time adjusting to the slower pace. Luckily I was able to get into a rhythm after that and was extremely pleased with my workout. 2:23, 2:27, 2:26, 2:25, 2:24, 2:23, 2:23, 2:23, 2:23, 2:23. What excited me the most was how easy this workout felt following the more intense work of previous weeks. I did not feel any notable fatigue until the second to last interval but I was able to relax and stay on pace. Justin looked great over the last couple of intervals and I thought about really tearing into the last rep with him but reason prevailed.

We had another comical cool-down despite a few hecklers that tried their best to bait us into a fight. It seems like our society is so focused on posturing right now. Why everyone has such a desperation to prove their toughness with their fists is beyond me. Since I was dangerously close to a total bonk I kept running while visualizing the bowl of Dove chocolates that Mary had left on the kitchen table. I was psyched about the solid afternoon of training.

I am not sure about the plan for this weekend yet. I want to do the snow shoe race at Northfield Mountain but I would also like to do a longer tempo effort on the roads. Mostly, I just want to sleep on Saturday and prepare for an awesome Super Bowl Sunday.


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