Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marathon training week one...

The first week of marathon training went exactly as expected and I am looking forward to continuing my training in the warm air of Long Beach, California this coming week. I wrapped up the week with 96 miles on only eight runs. Factor in a five mile day on Thursday because of some stomach issues and things look even brighter. The real pearl of the week is knowing that I got in seventeen miles of volume at marathon pace or faster. The true measure of how successful this venture is going to be is how many weeks that I can stack that are similar to this. Obviously it is going to be tricky getting mileage into the 12o range with everything that Mary and I have going on right now but I will give it my best. (Insert Sean Connery joke here)

Right now Mary and I are preparing for our annual Super Bowl party. The entire Keene training group is coming over for some quality food, excellent conversation, professional level table tennis, and ummm, right the Super Bowl. I have just wrapped up making a massive serving of New Orleans jambalaya that will keep the party going all night.

Check back this week for updates from Long Beach at the Michelle Winner Social Thinking Conference, or the beach!



  1. crap. the most exciting part of that for me is the table tennis... i wish i lived closer to the Keenyans...

  2. first time on your page...I appreciate the PJ references...I hope the marathon training goes well