Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to school...

Well the inevitable bubble of the dreamlike summer lifestyle has popped. I had to take four days off the bike last week due to a nasty saddle sore that I had been battling for nearly a month. Occasionally I get in a routine of using Bag Balm on my chamois rather than a traditional cycling specific cream. Typically I end up paying the price and end up with a nasty sore from time to time. Anyways enough grossness! So four days off really freshened the legs considering that I had only had four days off the bike all summer! With school starting this week I resurrected the alarm clock and resumed my early morning life with the 4:05 wake up call. The first two days I've been on the bike by 4:45 after some solid dark roast. The rides have gone well in the am and I have felt great. I've been keeping my heart rate in the mid 120's to low 130's during the morning session. Both afternoons this week the weather has been cruddy and I didn't have the motivation to change my trainer wheel off The Soloist. So, both days I've ridden on the trainer. Tuesday was a moderate ninety minutes and Wednesday was a easy seventy minutes with 10 x 15 second max effort sprints the last twenty minutes.

I'm hoping that the rest of the week is going to bring some more predictable weather. I'm scheduled for an MRI tomorrow on my ailing heel and ankle. I'll keep everyone posted on the results. The hours are looking good thus far this week and I think with a solid weekend I can get back to fifteen hours.

I'm planning another assault on Leviathan soon and hopefully I can take down Jay Gumps time as a prep for Greylock on the fourteenth.



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