Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Probable 2013 Racing Schedule...

I've been fretting about my racing plans for some time now while weighing several options. The biggest omission is clearly opting out of the World Championships in London. Financially the trip is just not realistic right now. Mostly the decision came down to the fact that Mary and I did not want to drop seventy-five hundred dollars to go somewhere that we're really not interested in visiting. Had the race been in Australia or Italy we would have made the necessary sacrifices to make the trip a reality. I am also waiting on a few dates for a few races so things may change.

March 30: Fast Friends Road Race Swanzey, NH
April 6: Cheshire Medical 5k Keene, NH
April 27: Quabbin Reservoir Bicycle Race. MA
May 5: Polar Bear Duathlon Brunswick, ME
May 18: Crank the Kanc TT White Mountains, NH
June 1: Newfound Lake Triathlon International Distance (formally Mooseman) NH
June 16: Pinnacle Mountain Bike Race Newport, NH
June 29: Whately Police Triathlon Sprint Whately, MA
July 13: Give Peace a Tri Sprint Surry, NH
July 14: Capital City Triathlon or Stonewall Farm Mountain Bike Race TBA
August 8: Cigna 5K Manchester, NH
August 10: XTERRA Stoaked Off Road Tri Hanover, NH
September 1: The Circle Triathlon Ashland, NH
September 8: The Pumpkinman Half Ironman!
October 26: Duathlon Nationals Tucson, AZ (Maybe)

Odds are there will be a scattering of other road races added to the list but I feel like it's pretty easy to make an impulsive race decision with a 5k here and there. Also I want to encourage everyone to like my Facebook page Mark Miller Triathlete to have access to more frequent updates.



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  1. Mark, honest mistake, but you mistakenly put another race in the June 16th slot when in actuality that is the Mount Washington Road Race. See you there. Thank you. ;)