Monday, January 7, 2013

Week One 2103...

The first week of 2013 was extremely productive and full of excellent training. I was mildly surprised to finish the week with thirteen hours given the weather and length of the days. Thirteen hours was a respectable week last summer that I would not have second guessed. Starting off at thirteen hours bodes well for the year and I am anxiously planning a slow build toward twenty hour weeks! I have been going out of my way to keep all of my work as non-specific as possible and geared toward the lower zone of my heart-rate monitor. Hopefully this means that I am building a monster base and that I will be able to really progress once I add more consistent intensity as the days get longer. I also took the time to add a link to Northeast Delta Dental on the blog. Tom Raffio and his team are the largest supporter of endurance athletics in New Hampshire and have graciously decided to support my racing ambitions through the 2013 season.

I may get back into the habit of more standard weekly updates but I'll keep it simple for now!



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