Monday, September 17, 2012

One in the Books...

The ten days of inactivity and laziness came and went without much fanfare. My body and instincts were telling me to start last Monday but Mary was very strict about waiting for Wednesday. A deal is a deal I guess. Aside from a little bit of rust things actually felt pretty good last week. My left ankle is a little irritated from trekking far to many miles around the school in open back shoes. I kept things pretty conservative given that it was the first week and that I was only going to have five days to train. I got back the old and strangely comforting morning rides and ran five miles every day. Saturday I hit the trails on the mountain bike to prepare a little bit for the Pinnacle Challenge. I hate to admit it but I really don't get excited riding the mountain bike anymore. Two years ago I was so passionate about hitting the Keene trails and I was convinced that I would be racing XTERRA. Shows what I know. Sunday morning I got out on the road bike for a pretty solid moderate ride. Saturday night I cooked up a ride and was targeting a hard effort on Concord Road in Keene to try and take the King of the Mountain on Strava. Given that I had been off for ten days and lacking fitness I did not put a lot of stock in my chances. Oddly I found a good rhythm on the climb and posed a new best in the rigid little competition between Keene cyclists.

As mentioned above I am going to keep it mellow for a couple of weeks so my body and reacquaint itself with the fatigue of base building. Following eight hours last week in five days I am going to shoot for ten hours in seven days this week. Nothing to exciting on the horizon with the exception of a possible hill workout sometime this week.



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