Monday, October 10, 2011

Base Training Week III...

Monday: Up a little later due to a workshop day at school. Got on The Soloist at 6:00 and rode for forty five minutes while listening to Foo Fighters Wasting Light. I was tired and more fatigued than yesterday so I kept things pretty chilled out. In the afternoon I mowed the lawn and then headed out for my new default run over Thatcher Hill. At the summit of Meetinghouse Road I explored some trails that ended up being a huge bust. I was attempting to make a seven mile loop along the same basic premise of my five miler. Once again I was tired on the run this afternoon. Perhaps I pushed a little to hard on my afternoon ride yesterday? (1 hr. 30 min.)

Tuesday: Up early for thirty minutes on The Soloist. I had a super late meeting at work and was mentally exhausted by the time I got home. I didn't even listen to music on my ride home! (30 min.)

Wednesday: I woke up extra early this morning for some chores before hitting The Soloist for a thirty minute ride. My in laws came in the afternoon so I was unable to get out the door for a run. (30 min.)

Thursday: Up early and squeezed an extra five minutes on the bike. (35 min.) In the afternoon I explored so new trails with very limited success. I am running into a lot of dead end trails out there. Still managed an hour. (1 hr.) (1. hr 35 min.)

Friday: I woke up and realized that I did not have any clean cycling shorts so I bagged the ride and played with my new phone. AT&T is giving away old iPhones right now which absolutely boggles my mind. In the afternoon I got out the door for a hilly nine mile run. I thought the rain has subsided so I brought an iPod. Moisture somehow managed to throw the whole thing off and I am a bit worried that it may be ruined. I made a pits stop at home forty-five minutes in for a fresh shirt. Right off the run I headed into the basement for thirty-minutes on The Soloist. I spun a pretty easy gear for most of the ride and kept my HR around 150 for the duration of the ride. (1 hr. 30 min.)

Saturday: Up way to early for Saturday (4:50) and rode The Soloist for thirty minutes. Framed a roof in Hopkinton with Paul all morning. Mountain boarded with Mary's brother John all afternoon. Ran nine miles alone. Crashed! (1 hr. 30 min.)

Sunday: Alternative day of physical fitness. Went stand-up paddle surfing for an hour which was pretty cool. Lakes in New Hampshire really need waves. Followed that up by a serious session of mountain boarding. My legs were so dead but I still squeezed in five miles with Mary. (35 min.)

Total: Seven hours and forty-five minutes

Weird week with the weekend stuff that I was not used to doing. I have a trail to build Monday then back to work Tuesday through Sunday. The action shots above don't really reflect the action. I love the shot of Eko checking to make sure I am ok after my only crash!


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