Friday, April 29, 2011


Sometimes I let the mundane details of life overwhelm me and forget the minions of the blogosphere. Obviously a fair amount of my time and energy has been consumed by my job and the relative uncertainty myself and fellow first year teachers currently face. Budget cuts notwithstanding blogging has been the last thing on my worried mind. Spring has once again reared its wonderful and brilliant face and the lush colors of New England are just days away. I have longed for these days all winter. While I have always loved all the seasons that New Hampshire tosses my way there is something about the uncertainty and hope of spring that always gets me especially excited. There are seemingly endless and mind boggling displays of beauty that most people miss every day that I always cherish. Usually Mary and I take time to canvas Keene over the next few weeks in search of these wonders.

I have not "raced" since the Fast Friends race at the end of March. I attempted the BAA 5k a couple of weekends ago but an untimely bathroom stop on Boston Common ruined my plans of a fast 5k. I was pretty bummed to miss a chance to run fast and started to feel old all in the same brush stroke. So it goes...

I am still adjusting to the idea of full time triathlon training and and still grasping the concept of running fifty to sixty miles per week. I have been injury free for almost a year now so hopefully that thought alone will keep me on the right path. Running has been great and there have been some promising flashes in recent workouts. Obviously anyone that reads the Keene blogs is well aware of how my workouts have been going, thanks Justin and Greg. Cycling has been a real tumble in the rough on the crag infested secondary roads of New Hampshire. I did my first century a couple of weeks ago and am planning on hammering eighty plus tomorrow morning. The time trials on "The Vulture" have been frightening and inspiring in the same breath. The tolerances are so tight on that bike that I feel like I am strapped into a formula one race car. I have been seriously neglecting my swimming which is a bit of concern with my goal race for the spring a mere six weeks away. I have tentative plans to start working with the Keene State swim coach so there is reason to believe that by mid summer that I will be a significantly better swimmer.

Other than all of that there really is not anything major happening in Keene. I am really hoping to channel all of my energy and Mojo to Steve C. on May seventh as he attempts his first Iron Man. On an even more exciting note Mary is piecing together her first significant chunk of training in over two years! I am so excited to see her joyfully putting in the miles again.



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