Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Plan...

I can now, with relative certainty, say that everything is going to be ok in the aftermath of the November 24th bike accident. Currently I still feel like I am ninety percent recovered but am mindful of the fact that the last ten percent is going to be the biggest obstacle. With that being said I have been able to resume some light training and despite nearly five weeks completely off I feel like I am somehow still mildly fit. I will chalk it up to the numerous supplements that I am taking per Rob Leagues recommendation to aid my recovery.

With that being said I feel that it is time to unveil the first major objective of 2011. Anyone that has ever been on a run with the Wednesday workout crew know that the most frequently asked question is "What are your goals?" (Insert George Adams voice here) With this years emphasis on Triathlon it is only fitting that the first major objective is not a merely a simple foot race. Objective number one for 2011 with be the International distance race at the Mooseman Triathlon June 4 at Newfound Lake. Originally the plan was to make my 70.3 debut at the Mooseman but following the loss of five weeks I did not want want to press my luck. This will however be my first International distance race and I am looking forward to the challenge of the longer distance.


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