Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday workout 16 x 400...

Following Sunday and the ensuing funk of the past couple of days I was looking for a solid workout to rid myself of the malaise of my phantom side stitch. The usual suspects sans Kaizer Soze met at the bank at 3:15 and headed out on time for the first time in recent memory. Once we got to baker street Justin, Andy and I discussed the particulars of the plan. We planned to do 16 x 400 at 67 to 70 second pace with one minute of rest. We decided to split the workout into two sets of 8 x 400 with and extra 200 rest in the middle of the workout.

Overall the workout was just what I needed to snap out of Sunday. Every 400 was between 67 and 70 depending on the wind and the direction we were running. I felt like a brand new million dollar bill with the exception of some soft tissue pain in my left calf. What was most surprising was how quickly the workout passed. Looking back a few hours later I was very proud of our ability to hold back. Without question Saturdays planned 16 mile tempo is already bouncing around in the dark recesses of our subconscious.

In a rare occurrence the whole crew finished their workouts in unison and we were changed off on a four mile cool down within a few minutes. Following some stretching and a quick shower we were off to Armadillo's for burritos and refreshing beverages. I bounced out a little earlier than usual and headed home for the night.


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